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Small Ship Cruise Adventures

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In September of 2010 Cruise West, the company that pioneered small ship cruise adventures, ceased operations.  However,  several alternative cruise companies to Cruise West, stepped in and are now providing outstanding small ship cruise adventures. 

While some cruisers first cruise experience was on a large cruise ship, there are many who want something completely different. That would be the route less traveled. Explore remote lands where few people have been or travel by Zodiac to remote islands you can't reach by road, this is the realm of the small ship expedition cruise.

Enjoy the world of mysterious and fascination destinations on a small ship expedition!

Silversea Expeditions - Central America
Small ship adventure cruises typically carry fewer than 100 passengers, and provides a far more relaxed and casual experience than you find on traditional larger cruise ships. You wake up to the sounds of nature, instead of noise from the balcony next door. Your days will consist of hiking or kayaking, rather than shopping and bus tours. Your evenings are spent listening to a naturalist talk or relaxing in the lounge and conversing with like-minded guests.

Expert captains and guides lead you on up-close and personal adventures. It’s all about the untamed wild and woolly wilderness and the many ways you will get to discover it.